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About us

We research, market and distribute European highest quality pharmaceutical products to its customers within the CIS region.

IMCoPharma a.s. is a fully-serviced pharmaceutical company that researches, markets and distributes European highest quality products to its customers in the CIS region.

Based on our more than 20 years of experience of focus, operation, and knowledge of the local pharmaceutical markets, we have gained the status of a strong and reliable partner for the CIS countries.

To our customers we can offer a broad portfolio of services and products, such as contract manufacturing, licensing, transfer of pharmaceutical technology, but also R&D support, assistance in marketing authorization and regulatory support.

IMCoPharma povides supplies of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and final dosage forms manufactured by leading European pharmaceutical manufacturers. We also operate a licensed pharmaceutical warehouse in Russia, suitable for storage, handling and distribution of the goods which passed through customs to countries of EAEU.

IMCoPharma Czech Republic - Headquaters

Czech Republic


IMCoPharma a.s.
Budovatelska 1178 / 35
743 01 Bilovec
Czech Republic

tel: +420 556 778 411
fax: +420 597 579 513
Sales Department
Purchasing and Logistics Department

mcePharma Czech Republic - Headquaters


mcePharma Czech Republic

mcePharma s. r. o.
Budovatelska 1178 / 35
Bilovec, 743 01
Czech Republic

telephone: (+420) 556 778 561
fax: (+420) 597 579 513

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The company IMCoPharma, during the many years of operation on the pharma-ceutical market and in the realization of numbers projects has acquired proven and valuable experience. Some of the most interesting projects, as realized so current one, will be described soon.

IMCoPharma is a member or cooperates with following organizations:

The company IMCoPharma has obtained a financial grant for the project CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/15_016/0001363 INDIVIDUAL ATTENDANCE OF THE COMPANY IMCOPHARMA A.S. AT THE EXHIBITIONS AND TRADE SHOWS IN 2015 – 2017, which is co-finance by European Union. The target of the project is to raise a participation of the company IMCoPharma a.s. at international exhibitions and trade shows.

IMCoPharma has obtained a financial grant from the European Union for realization of the project: Object reconstruction of the company IMCoPharma a.s. The subject of the project is a reconstruction of an old unused building into a modern trade & production area. The aim of the project is to extend company´s areas for storage, administration and production.

IMCoPharma has received a financial support from the European Union for the implementation of the project CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_030/0010478 Industrial Property Protection Project - IMCoPharma a.s. which aims to ensure the protection of industrial property in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Innovative voucher

IMCoPharma was granted a subsidy from the European Union to implement the project CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_045/0010685 Co-development of technology and a product for production of food supplement. The project is targeted on the strengthening our innovation activities by sharing know-how between the business and research areas.


IMCoPharma has obtained a financial grant for the project CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/16_047/0009021 INDIVIDUAL ATTENDANCE OF THE COMPANY IMCOPHARMA A.S. AT THE EXHIBITIONS IN 2017 – 2019, which is co-financed by the European Union. The target of the project is to support IMCoPharma in participation at various international pharmaceutical fairs and thus to further develop business activities of the company in the territory of CIS.

Management & Directors

  • Ivan Mikes
    Ivan Mikes
    Managing Director
  • Andrea Szeligova
    Andrea Szeligova
    Supply Chain Director
  • Lukas Adamec
    Lukas Adamec
    Commercial Director
  • Martina Sahajova
    Martina Sahajova
    Head of Strategic Business Development Department


Fair approach to customers and business partners brings us number of signed long-term contract and exclusivity in distribution products in the CIS region. We appreciate each customer and business partner and we are happy to offer unique and innovative solutions for everyone.

One of the leading European pharmaceutical engineering companies FAVEA Group and marketing partner of IMCoPharma (Czech Republic)
A specialist in the development and manufacturing of opiate API's and finished dosage forms (Slovak Republic)
Saneca Pharma
A worldwide leader and manufacturer of modified starches (France)
API developer and manufacturer for pharmaceutical industry (Portugal)
Leader in manufacturing of Contrast Agents of APIs and Drug Products for clinical imaging (Ireland)
iMax Diagnostic
Excella - API Division (France)
Contract manufacturing organization (France)
A producer and supplier of medicines for human and veterinary use (Germany)
A specialist in treatment of iron deficiency anemia and clinical grade dextran biopolymers (Denmark)
An expert in full contract manufacturing services and manufacturer of API (Italy)
A company involved in mining and processing of salt and brine, production of salt derived products as well as domestic sales and export (Austria)
Salinen Austria
Italian company specialized in API production (Italy)
Regional Leader in the sterile fluid drugs production (Armenia)
The second largest producer of pharma product in Uzbekistan focusing on infusion solutions (Uzbekistan)
A leading GMP certified manufacturer parenteral solutions (Ukraine)
Yuria Pharm
A manufacturer of wide range of medicine using of the innovative pharmaceutical technologies (Uzbekistan)
Pharmaceutical company produces sterile liquid dosage forms (Russia)
One of the market leaders for production of amino acids (Germany)
Spanish company engaged in the process development and manufacture of APIs, including Highly Potent APIs with more than 40 years of experience (Spain)
Cayman Pharma is the world’s most reliable source of prostaglandin APIs (Czech Republic)
Cayman Pharma
CFM Group is a private Italian holding company specialized in the production of pharmaceutical substances for the world's leading pharmaceutical markets (Italy)
CFM Group
Isaltis is one of the high purity mineral salts key producers (France)
Trifarma S.p.A. is an international and independent Group with the mission to develop and manufacture high quality APIs for the global pharmaceutical industry (Italy)