Cookie is a small text files containing unique identifiers that are sent to a browser of your terminal device and is located in the storage of your terminal device. This file contains some anonymous information, such as an identifier, a web page name and the duration period (expiration time). This file may be temporary and exists only while you are logged in a specific web page, or it may be permanent and stored in the storage of your terminal device until it expires or is deleted by the user.


Cookies are used primarily to ensure that the web pages below are working properly and the web site contents is better tailored to your requirements based on how you are browsing the page and what you are focusing on as you browse the page. Cookies are also used to identify, which services interest you, and to possibly provide you with them. We do not use cookies to collect your other personal data, but we can possibly link your data that we have collected via cookies to your personal data that you have provided us or that we have obtained in other way.


  • System cookies - necessary for web site traffic.
  • Cookies ensuring some web site functionalities - important e.g. for keeping some your settings to make the web page browsing easier.
  • Cookies ensuring the analysis of visiting and tracking the web pages - these cookies record your web page visits, the links you clicked on, and the web site sections you have visited. We use this information to adapt the web site and its contents to your preferences.

We also use the services of third parties that also use cookies when providing those services. Their use is governed by the third party cookie and data protection policies. Visit the web pages of these third parties for more information.


You can use settings of your browser to control to what extent the individual cookies are stored. You can also delete cookies that have been stored in your terminal device. In your browser, you can also set notifications regarding stored cookies. More details on the cookie settings can be found directly in Settings or Help of your browser. We consider settings of your browser as a consent to the processing of the data contained in cookies, which are not necessary to the web site traffic. Changing the extent to which you allow using cookies, in particular if you decide to block cookies, may influence your comfort when browsing the web sites; this may even disable certain functions. However, you may always change your decision.